Wednesday, May 21, 2008

1000 Hits

Well, whoop de do. The plurality of these hits are mine anyway.

Obama seems to be politely telling Hillary to go away. Hildebeast has something up her pantsuit, methinks. Her party has not exactly been kind to her, and I don't put a "Hammer Down / Scorched Earth" move past her. This is not to say I like Hillary Rodham Clinton, but she is deserving of respect.

If only she would use the same tenacity she has shown in this primary to go after Islamobastards. Hmm, a female president, handing Iran its own ass. God, that would just be beautiful. Oh well. Have a hit before I put this one out.


Anonymous said...

I miss you

Betty said...

Your Ted Hall friends miss you,too. Godspeed, Keith.

Anonymous said...

You departure created a void that cannot be filled. I miss you. Terribly.

Rest in peace, my darling.

Dean said...

The nice thing of is one can always have a presence on the Internet. Now, if the wireless connection can be be perfected to the beyond we can read your thoughts again.