Wednesday, May 21, 2008

1000 Hits

Well, whoop de do. The plurality of these hits are mine anyway.

Obama seems to be politely telling Hillary to go away. Hildebeast has something up her pantsuit, methinks. Her party has not exactly been kind to her, and I don't put a "Hammer Down / Scorched Earth" move past her. This is not to say I like Hillary Rodham Clinton, but she is deserving of respect.

If only she would use the same tenacity she has shown in this primary to go after Islamobastards. Hmm, a female president, handing Iran its own ass. God, that would just be beautiful. Oh well. Have a hit before I put this one out.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Still Here, Barely......

"Freedom has cost too much blood and agony to be relinquished at the cheap price of rhetoric." - Dr. Thomas Sowell

Well, thought I might drop in. Since it is my blog, I can pretty much do as I damned well please - for now. That could very well change in January when Madame Michelle redecorates 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Apparently, and Barack is certainly qualified to advise the rest of us on this - do NOT make Madame angry, OR ELSE! Gives me the warm and fuzzies for the Hildebeast.

Speaking of which I heard something on either television or radio this morning that brightened my day. Some clod was lamenting that "...government can't do..." this, that or the other thing that he obviously thought government SHOULD be doing, and this was bad. I have no clue as to the particulars of his plight, but my ears perked at the idea "Wait a minute! There is STILL something government CAN NOT do?" This idea gave me a glint of hope. Ten times out of ten, when somebody thinks the government should be doing something it involves money - other people's money (OPM) especially. Even though I have no idea what this guy wants government to do, I am happy they aren't doing it.

Reading very good book right now. Next by Chrichton. He just gets more and more politically incorrect. It is obvious his book-to-film days are over since State of Fear, but I really don't think he gives a damn. I wouldn't either.

I think Cato is now fully grown - all ten pounds of him. His puppy hair is all gone, replaced by the typical Bichon coat. He looks like a Rastafarian with albinism. I did not know this until recent, but I am fortunate to sleep in HIS bed. He now owns a king size mattress that used to be mine.

You may have noticed that this post lacks either theme or continuity. Good. That's the way life is right now.

Got a new computer. Best Buy likes me because I always purchase the product replacement warranty. They also hate me because I have every intention of using it. Did it again. I am now up to five replacements - two laptops, two desktops and a digital camera. They loathe me and think I am a thief. I have noticed something. The PSP warranty is roughly a third of the cost of the product, and lasts for three years. Any decent retail manager will tell you that a third of the price is the wholesale cost of the item - remainder is labor cost, overhead, and profit. This is why Geek Squad was invented. What these myrmidons essentially do is likened to the function of goalie. Whatever is wrong with your computer, it is either not covered under warranty, or it is your fault, or both. Furthermore, if you insist on pestering them, they will send your computer to the cleaners for three weeks so some idiot can press the F9 key (or whatever) and erase your hard drive. If you would like to keep your data, they will charge you 100 bucks to back up your hard drive. Normally, you would do this yourself, but since the DVD burner is not working, they have a magical way to do this at the store. What happens is you lose everything, which is your fault already, and your computer is still screwed up. I recommend the warranty out of mere entertainment. Hint. If you like having your computer replaced every two or so years, always buy Hewlett Packard. Those things come pre-screwed-up right outta the box. Windows Vista adds even more excitement to the problem.

Well, that's about it for now. More later.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Taking a Break

I need a vacation - somewhere I have never been before just to make it interesting. For how long? No idea. I will return when I feel good and ready.

Bon Voyage,


Friday, April 18, 2008

Just When I Thought I'd........

"I told you, Ali Baba! Passports? We don't need no steenking passports! We pretend to be amigos and just walk in through Mexico! El Presidente Hugo Chavez will even teech us Spaneesh and give free airfare to Cuidad Juarez, Allah willing! The Martyrs can even wash their feet at the water stations along the way!"

"The most terrifying words in the English language are: I'm from the government and I'm here to help." - Ronald Reagan

Even though it is Muslim Menu Friday, no recipes today. Just throw some bacon bits on a falafel, say "Allahu Akbar" and be content. What follows should be unbelievable, but since it involves the Federal Government, well, I can best describe it as "amusing at our expense".

Get a load of this shit. I hope you were sitting down when you clicked that.

I have no clue how this slipped under both the fence and the radar. The liberal media obviously had zero interest in it. On one hand, they had a golden opportunity to slam the Bush administration and their miserable effect, if any, on homeland security. On the other, this would also call for tighter border measures to the south, which would not benefit their compadres in the democrat party that are furiously hispandering for votes, legal or otherwise.

So some dude gets his car stolen. Then a week later it pulls right up next to him at a gas station. He grabs the keys and the perps scatter. So far, serendipity. Then explosives and Iraqi currency are found in the car. The Federal Bureau of Investigation, through innovative methods of deductive and inductive reasoning, concludes this is not a terrorist-related incident.

I shit you not.

Well, since it wasn't a terrorist-related incident, then what was it? I know the page I lifted this from had their own contest to try and explain this incident, but none really nailed it. Your turn. For your comments, try to be as creative as the FBI (if that is possible). I will include a poll and also a prize for the winner. One box of couscous, your choice of flavor.

Meanwhile, I am awaiting some research advice from Dr. Tom Sowell of the Hoover Institute at Stanford regarding my proposal to nationalize the entertainment industry. Since clowns like Micheal Moore want the government to take over healthcare, why not have "single payer" entertainment as well? That will be my next entry.

Enjoy the falafel.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Time to Put Up or Shut Up

"I don't think that Iran with a nuclear capability will be just the problem of the state of Israel. This is a matter that concerns the whole world." - Moshe Katsav
Uh oh, evil Jew! Wait, most American Jews are liberal; well, in the sense "OK for me, not for thee" liberals. Barbra Streisand feels your pain, until she gets bored and goes on her 11th farewell tour ($150 minimum ticket price - ostensibly so the "common" people can throw roses at her).

I think George W. Bush is hopefully the worst president of this century. Only Obama could possibly beat him in buffoonery. However, we cannot criticize Obama because that would be "racissisisism". I don't even want to think what this guy could do to the Supreme Court. In all of the country's history, Bush is only barely topped for damage to our republic by, in no particular order, FDR, LBJ and Jimmah Cahtuh (who is roaming around kissing Hamas' ass in some odd attempt to eclipse a papal visit to the United States).

I was so hoping for a democrat riot, but something may be on the horizon to overshadow even that. The question is no longer IF Iran will nuke Israel, but WHEN. Many were under the assumption that it would all depend on who will lead the next administration, with the following predictions:

1. John McCain - Iran would not dare make a peep about such ambitions anymore. If they did, it would mean assured annihilation for them.

2. Der Hildebeast - Wildcard. Whatever is most politically expedient. Most likely she would attempt to defray any military action against Israel by sending goodies to Iran (like they need them). Iran would probably go ahead and nuke Israel anyway, but Hillary would strike back - to what degree uncertain.

3. Obama - On innaguration day, adios Tel Aviv. The Obama administration's most drastic response would be harsh language towards Iamadinnersalad and his goons, then run to the U.N. to impose more meaningless sanctions, reminding Israel all the time that they were asking for it anyway.

So what is the big deal anyway (as long as you don't happen to reside in Israel)? If Machmoud (no gays in Iran - we lynched them all!) Iamadinnersalad successfully detonates a nuclear device in Israel, he will be the Islamic equivalent of Jesus Christ, or to be more accurate, the second coming of Mohammad. He will usurp total power in the Islamic world and become some sort of God-like figure, eclipsing the imams, ayatollahs and everyone in between. The Kingdom of Saudi is not as stable as even the most cynical among us believe. They have bent over backwards to appease the Wahhabis (arguably the most radical of Islamic sects) to the point of giving the Mutahween (religious police) complete and total control of society in the country. Their Imams are financially placated to keep perhaps an inevitable and violent revolution from eradicating the throne and Royal Family.
Maybe Jimmah might tell Hamas that being anywhere in the vicinity of Israel over the next few months is not a good idea. Oh well, let Jordan take them back, or maybe they can jump the new wall between Egypt and Gaza. I hope Jimmah reminds them to tiptoe through the minefields, since they are so welcome there.