Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Time to Put Up or Shut Up

"I don't think that Iran with a nuclear capability will be just the problem of the state of Israel. This is a matter that concerns the whole world." - Moshe Katsav
Uh oh, evil Jew! Wait, most American Jews are liberal; well, in the sense "OK for me, not for thee" liberals. Barbra Streisand feels your pain, until she gets bored and goes on her 11th farewell tour ($150 minimum ticket price - ostensibly so the "common" people can throw roses at her).

I think George W. Bush is hopefully the worst president of this century. Only Obama could possibly beat him in buffoonery. However, we cannot criticize Obama because that would be "racissisisism". I don't even want to think what this guy could do to the Supreme Court. In all of the country's history, Bush is only barely topped for damage to our republic by, in no particular order, FDR, LBJ and Jimmah Cahtuh (who is roaming around kissing Hamas' ass in some odd attempt to eclipse a papal visit to the United States).

I was so hoping for a democrat riot, but something may be on the horizon to overshadow even that. The question is no longer IF Iran will nuke Israel, but WHEN. Many were under the assumption that it would all depend on who will lead the next administration, with the following predictions:

1. John McCain - Iran would not dare make a peep about such ambitions anymore. If they did, it would mean assured annihilation for them.

2. Der Hildebeast - Wildcard. Whatever is most politically expedient. Most likely she would attempt to defray any military action against Israel by sending goodies to Iran (like they need them). Iran would probably go ahead and nuke Israel anyway, but Hillary would strike back - to what degree uncertain.

3. Obama - On innaguration day, adios Tel Aviv. The Obama administration's most drastic response would be harsh language towards Iamadinnersalad and his goons, then run to the U.N. to impose more meaningless sanctions, reminding Israel all the time that they were asking for it anyway.

So what is the big deal anyway (as long as you don't happen to reside in Israel)? If Machmoud (no gays in Iran - we lynched them all!) Iamadinnersalad successfully detonates a nuclear device in Israel, he will be the Islamic equivalent of Jesus Christ, or to be more accurate, the second coming of Mohammad. He will usurp total power in the Islamic world and become some sort of God-like figure, eclipsing the imams, ayatollahs and everyone in between. The Kingdom of Saudi is not as stable as even the most cynical among us believe. They have bent over backwards to appease the Wahhabis (arguably the most radical of Islamic sects) to the point of giving the Mutahween (religious police) complete and total control of society in the country. Their Imams are financially placated to keep perhaps an inevitable and violent revolution from eradicating the throne and Royal Family.
Maybe Jimmah might tell Hamas that being anywhere in the vicinity of Israel over the next few months is not a good idea. Oh well, let Jordan take them back, or maybe they can jump the new wall between Egypt and Gaza. I hope Jimmah reminds them to tiptoe through the minefields, since they are so welcome there.

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DAVE BONES said...

ha ha I think Hillary would be even more war like than Thatcher. She's got it in her.