Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Entitlement Across the Pond

Blog note: Link is fixed. I do not agree with the pending low rider pants legislation though. Countless times police have caught an evading suspect because he tripped over his own trousers. Kinda hard to outrun the cops with your pants around your knees. In addition, it makes it all the more easy to identify idiots when they dress like that. If we were to outlaw stupidity, 90 percent of the American population and 100 percent of the Democrat voters would be in jail - we simply cannot financially afford that.

"Speaking as a black person, welfare is the worst thing that's ever happened to us." - Charles Evers

First, read this article.

I really can't think of anything else to add. Well, almost every moronic idea that England has tried to its own detriment eventually makes it over here. Get ready for "free", government healthcare, since England's NHS has done so remarkably well. Cuba is great too, as long as you are a member of the Communist party and are in good standing with Raoul - otherwise, you get this.


Joseph Sixpack said...

At the local level, I've got no issues with this. Public property belongs to all residents of the locale and, thus, they need to come to an agreement on what goes and what doesn't on public property. That is why I cannot swig Jim Beam straight from the bottle in the middle of the town square (well, I can, but I am not permitted).

So long as this does not extend onto private property and it is constitutional, I've got no issue with it. If it extended onto private property, then I would be concerned. So long as decisions regarding public property use are made at the local level and are constitutional, let them create whatever semi-police state (town) or anarchy that their hearst desire.

Boogification said...


You must have come in as I was fixing the entry. The main idea of the day was not originally intended to be about the saggy pants issue in Florida. It was about the welfare family in the UK.