Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The KKKato files

"I'll have them niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years." President Lyndon Johnson, Democrat (on the signing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964).

Am I somehow in the wrong party? If history tells me something, and an accusation tells me anything - I should move to the movement of the mindless and leave the dangers of logical thought to more sophisticated and eloquent folks such as the illustrious former (although rather dead) president above.

One the other hand, no.

A few posts back, one anonymous commentator elevated my status in the armchair, internet journalism community. I have now arrived. I have been labeled a "racist"!

In conservative or libertarian circles, this is QUITE an accolade - indicating that you have enraged someone beyond the point of merely ignoring you, but not quite having a counterpoint at their immediate disposal, simply leaves a drive-by, ad hominem retort. The only two parts of Sean Hannity's program I enjoy are the "Thursday Man on the Street" (which exposes the true horrors government education can produce) and when his program engineer plays the hate messages on his answering service. I am sure they are edited for brevity and content (with the occasional "bleep" substituted for profanity), yet they are still most amusing. I dearly hope I receive more and will strive my best to do so. By the way, you can keep the rest of the Hannity show. He has not had an original thought in years.

The photograph above was taken during the usual weekend social outing. Cato had to be the subject, since having no opposing thumbs, he could not operate the camera to take a photo of me. The guy on the left offered, but having difficulty understanding how to operate a Slinky (he ended up cuffing himself), I decided best not to befuddle him with a rather expensive digital camera.

On terms, their meanings, perversions, use, misuse and overuse (tall order, thank goodness I only have three terms to discuss):

Racism: (n) a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race. Merriam-Webster

Bigotry: (n) : acts or beliefs of a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial group). Ibid.

Still no cigar. The next one was incredibly difficult to find. Well, to find by itself: There are multiple, hyphenated definitions including the word, with the ovewhelming prefix "multi-". First, an abstract from this page:

"The Left has used America's hatred, racism, to promote racism by insisting that culture and race cannot be separated. By insisting that the value placed on the culture is the value placed on the race, the Left has used America's own goodness to force any discussion of culture in to the back alleys. We should consider each race of equal value as we should consider each person of equal value before God. We should not consider each culture of equal value as we should not consider the personality of a saint equal to that of a criminal. As some of us have personalities which need improving in some areas, so do some cultures. To deny this is inevitably to deny the existence of free will. This is acceptable to the ruling elite for they imagine themselves as being a small island of free will in a sea of lesser beings needing to be led. One cannot believe in universal humanity and universal free will without believing that some of us will use this freedom poorly. In order to deny that some cultures make poor choices we must deny the possibility of making any choices."

I mostly agree with that, just replace "America" with "The West".

Let us examine a bit further. Ironically, the culturalism website has it basically wrong. They coincide some sort of social collectivism with the term. I go more for the individualistic concept, minus the religious overtones. Since nobody really bothered to define culturalism before hyphenating the living hell out of it, I guess its up to me.

Culturalism: (n) a belief that culture is the primary determinant of a society's success (or failure) and that culture is the primary determinant of a particular society's superiority. Your's Truly.

Recently, a fellow I have put on my link list, Pat Condell, offended some Berkeley novitiates, by some email of a video circulating around campus. So far, sounds about par for the course for that institution. Thinking that they were about to be spoon fed everything their pompous, elitist little butts already knew, they were just fine with Mr. Condell's evisceration of the religious right in America (Hey fella! That's MY job!), but when he dared tell of the dilemma Mother England is facing with a religion of a different "right", aka Islam, they went bananas. His most eloquent response to these self-annointed guardians of all worth knowable and what is best for us great unwashed is here.

More on this later. I have just started my journey of being called every name in the book liberals can come up with, including (especially) terms and slurs that have absolutely no application to me. I am looking forward to "Nazi", "Neocon", and "Fascist" (oh, do I love that one!). So pardon me while I get back to "cultural oppression" via "hate speech".

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