Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lurking About

OK, took a while.

I love these people.

They aren't democrats, they aren't republicans. Most of them are not old enough to legally walk in a bar and buy a beer. They are sons, daughters, sisters and brothers, aunts and uncles. They were not drafted. They do this out of love for us all.

Let them know that you care.


Alright! It is before 6 A.M. and I am gonna beat Neal Boortz to a story, ANY story, before he gets to his office.

O.K. It is now 5:42 A.M. and I am lurking about.

Columbia Universtity professor targeted because she is black........uh, no, maybe because you are stupid, lady. At least I hope that is your valid excuse. United in grief for diverse lives lost, well I guess if they were all honkies it wouldn't have made this morning's news. Next time a major tragedy happens, toss in a paisley midget so it is newsworthy. Cynthia McKinney lands on Martian moon, gets unbelievable cell phone bill for calling home (Jupiter), nah, I expected that. Angry women upset at yesterday's photo, oh please.

I woke up too early - dog is going nuts. See you in an hour or so.

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