Wednesday, February 20, 2008

With Friends Like These......

Oh shit! Not again! For the sake of Allah, I cannot control these women! Grant me stones so I can throw these vile witches to hell!


Now THAT (above) is a Jihadi nightmare. Women, boobs, guns - oh the humanity! If they thought that Pvt. England was awful for stacking them in a pyramid, I would love every Muslim to have the opportunity of this crowd as his last sight on earth. Wait. I want to slather the sumbitches in lard first, then see this.


That men should put an enemy in their mouths to steal away their brains!” - William Shakespeare

Today is so good, I am taking a shot from the two point line....

God save me from my friends - I can protect myself from my enemies.” - Proverb

Regarding yesterday's post, I contacted a misguided friend who is volunteering for Senator Barack "Che" Obama's campaign. She was appalled that whoever was in charge of campaign signs failed to use the "spell check" function on at least two, glaringly obvious occasions. In defense, she did mention they at least got three out of four words correct. With the lone vowels, after all, you have a one in five chance of getting it right. Bravo on the difficult word "have".

When I first saw this video, I thought it was a spoof.

Hold on to yer Grape Nuts......IT'S NOT!

Like, uh, ya know, for real.

Attention Senator McCain Headquarters: Stop wasting campaign funds on trying to make your candidate appear consistent, even-tempered or for that matter, sane. Invest it all in and start picking out the new curtains for 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Don't get me wrong - I would love to meet this girl, uh, Tiffany, Crystal, Candy, Brittany, er, oh yeah, Amber. Wait, what was her name again? I am sure we would have a wonderful time, and it would most certainly not involve discussing Aristotelean philosophy or more plebian subjects like the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. The Big Bang Theory would hopefully come up though. I can hear the shrieks from the radical feminazis now, and you rightfully should be angered - but not at me, otherwise you are just shooting the messenger.

I am a supporter of classical feminism, Planned Parenthood and numerous concerns of women of intellect. Ayn Rand is my heroine and my favorite author. From that, do not assume that I seek your approval, neither do I feel any need to qualify myself in any such category. My sister is an M.D. with twenty years' practice as a pediatrician. A century ago such an ambition, let alone reality, was almost impossible. True feminism was and still is a valid movement, but not organizations like The Castration Coalition (can anyone get me a hyperlink for their website?) or women such as Andrea Dworkin (one look at that and you can sympathize with her anger). Various feminist organizations have almost always aligned themselves with the Democrat Party. Right now, the silence is deafening (there have been over 5 million hits for Obama Girl - don't tell me this has gone unnoticed). This woman is hopping around like some pole-dancing twat of a sex kitten. Is this a protrayal of the modern woman that "progressives" are comfortable with? Well, Gloria Steinem did eventually get married (to a man), thereby ending the debate over fish and bicycles. I can tell you one thing for certain - if any Republican had such an endorsement, official or otherwise, the Democrats along with their fifth column, the fourth estate, would be howling chastity raped.

I have two quotes for today because here comes yet another "unexpected" voice of support for Barack Hussein Obama. Some sort of US-Islamic forum has voiced their support for the Illinois Senator. Just how some scantily clad, silcone stuffed bimbo and a bunch of mysogynistic theocrats make for good bedfellows is beyond me, but I did see an SUV with an Al Gore sticker on it years ago, so stranger things have happened. These people hate us for our mere existence, love our money, and are either actively trying to destroy us or conveniently ignoring every instance of aggression towards the West. I have yet to hear C.A.I.R. condemn ONE act of Islamic terrorism. Please inform me when and if this ever happens. But what the hell, they like Obama.

Maybe this "hope and change" theme of Obama is just a universal blanket for anything goes. He has yet to give details on one plank, let alone a platform on which he is running. Perhaps he might send some campaign staffers to Home Depot, get some lumber and throw SOMETHING together.

People hope for change for a lot of things. The Muslim world hopes that the United States changes into a nuclear wasteland. I hope for a change that Amber Lee Ettinger appears in my bedroom this evening.

Senator, tell her to remember to bring beer and pizza.

Blog note: As an update to the previous post, A Hard Pill to Swallow, it is interesting that both Air Canada and Cubana have a country buttload (or a heaping shitload - whatever is the greater numerical value) of flights to and from Havana and all points Canada. Can somebody please, please make me eat crow and give me one, just ONE Canadian that goes to Cuba for their healthcare needs. After all, Micheal Moore told us that Cuba has fantastic healthcare. As you will discover, the Cubana link takes a while to load - given the advanced telecommunications technology of two tin cans and a string in "socialist paradise".

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