Tuesday, February 26, 2008

This Year's Model

"I'm the new, I'm the new, new model - I got nothin' inside." - Marilyn Manson

While the rest of the country is bothered with the petty semantics of whether or not Der Hildebeast sent out marching orders to her brownshirts to release the "offensive" (or were they "insensitive"? Hell I can't keep up with all the proper applications of P.C. speech anymore) pictures of Obama in a turban, what increasingly captivates my interest is the fragile loyalty of the fourth estate and their vapid audience. It becomes increasingly transparent by the hour. This campaign year more closely resembles American Idol than anything I can compare it to. The fracas over the photographs of the Illinois Senator is nothing more than a pyrrhic victory for the right wing pundits who obviously fail to realize that while Hillary is detestable, Obama (unless somebody comes up with a picture of him with a live boy or a dead girl) is unbeatable.

I am no conspiracy theorist and the only things I can tell you for sure about a grassy knoll or a book depository is that they are somewhere in Dallas. This would be earth-shattering news, but I think for the first time in her political career, Hillary might be telling the truth. Each candidate's campaign manager has researched (and when possible, destroyed) ever last yearbook or driver's license photo for ANY possible perceived impropriety. With the Clintons no longer being the media darlings of halcyon days past, the "American Evita" is particularly vulnerable to the political trash heap in the absence of support from her former best friends in the fourth estate. It would make for good political tactics in Camp Obamastan to drop this latest bomb, then blame it on the Hildebeast. Not unlike some college campus incidents in recent years when women and minority students and faculty were vandalizing public and private property with sexist and ethnic slurs, then crying "foul!", demanding something be done about it. Something did get done: They got caught. If this is the case, the media will play Obama's game, not Hillary's.

Let us explore the uproar for a moment. To the casual observer, it is just a man in traditional Somali dress doing, well, nothing. The man is actually of Somali lineage and was in, hold on to your magic carpet, Somalia! At the very moment the photo was shot! One can assume he is just observing the local customs of his family (when in Rome...) with pride and respect. Ted Kennedy observes the customs of the old country apparently quite often. Although I am not sure which specific clan in Ireland has the custom of drowning their dates. To people who operate on the basis of logic, there is nothing wrong with this photograph.

Now, let's change dimensions of reality into the leftist, politically correct instrument which substitutes for a mind. This is a horrible, racist and culturalist picture that is hateful and mean-spirited. Why? Because it portrays Barack Hussein Obama as a Muslim. "Hold on a minute," you say, "I thought we are supposed to like Muslims, so, shouldn't this be a positive portrayal?" Well, er, uh, yes, but people who are not as intelligent and sophisticated as we may misinterpret it and get a negative image of the candidate. "Wait a minute, you actually WANT the support of unsophisticated, stupid people?" ITS ALL GEORGE BUSH'S FAULT THAT THEY LACK THE NECESSARY TOOLS TO GET AHEAD IN THIS WORLD BECAUSE OF TAX CUTS FOR THE RICH AND YOU'RE JUST A NAZI NEOCON! blah, blah, and so on. There you have a pretty good schematic of the liberal argument. Sounds as though they are having an arm wrestling match with their own other arm, and losing badly.

Back to Hillary's fall from most-favored-sociopath status and Obama's eclipsing of Elvis. This combined with the current state of education and intellect in this country is downright scary. If Al Gore can somehow link "global warming" to decline in average I.Q. and attention span, I will start driving a Prius. I think this started with the phenomenon of MTV. Music videos are seldom longer than three minutes. I thought the reason was that most "artists" could not come up with a tune, let alone lyrics, complex enough to capture the interest of a viewer for any longer than that. Then MTV declined into game shows that lasted all of a month (Remote Control has the record for six weeks airtime) before "focus groups" (I use that term liberally) decided what was going to be tomorrow's garbage. A full year later, most people who watched MTV forgot what a music video was, and furthermore did not care. We are undeniably now a society of little substance but fascination with novelty. Two years ago, Taylor Hicks was all the rage on American Idol. I live in this guy's home city and even I have no clue what he is doing today. Maybe neither does he.

That's Obama in a nutshell - the American Idol candidate. Hillary will just have to go the way of the music video.


Anonymous said...

Are you implying that Bill Clinton is actually Clay Aiken's long lost brother...Richard...

Sincerely N.D.Ted

Anonymous said...

huh? you totally lost me.

Anonymous said...

Yes...Brother Dick...Aiken...to all the girls he's loved before...