Friday, February 22, 2008


"Hey babe I'm talkin' pig, oh honey can you dig?" - Southern Culture on the Skids - Too Much Pork for Just One Fork

Another Friday - Another pig.

This recipe is not out of laziness. Everybody knows how to make a BLT sammich. But its the quality of the bacon that counts.

Neuske's applewood smoked bacon is about the best in the world. Most, high-end, specialty groceries will carry it. It is expensive, but if you can find tastier pig than this at a better price, leave a comment below.

Now the "A" is for avocado. Just a few thin slices will do. For the "L" part, try some mixed field greens. Serve on sourdough toast, say "Allahu Akbar" and enjoy.
Oh, one thing of great debate in a certain chatroom, that will remain anonymous, is between mayonnaise and Miracle Whip. The former is tolerable and the latter is an abomination. Being the independent weirdo that I am known for, I say "neither!". Aioli is better, and here is how you make it:
three egg yolks
2 cloves fresh garlic
1 cup olive oil
water as needed to thin to desired consistency
2 Tbsp fresh lemon juice
salt and pepper to taste
Toss everything but the olive oil in a food processor and give it a good whack. Then slowly drizzle the olive oil in (with the processor on) to emulsify. Voila! Aoili. For different zings, try adding fresh Italian flat leaf parsley or fresh basil. Beats the crap outta mayo or MW. This should be safe in your fridge for a few days. When some funky skin appears on top of it, time to toss it out and make more aioli.

Don't forget to save the bacon drippings. They are excellent for sauteing veggies, searing a roast, or any other savory dish you would normally use butter. I use the fat to saute my mirepoix for soups and a fantastic Bolognese pasta sauce.

Somewhat related: Are they going to give the kids "goat banks" now?


Anonymous said...

And you can stick a fork in that...

Sincerely N.D.Ted

Anonymous said...

You do realize they don't give toasters out anymore either... times change, trends change. Maybe it's time to get rid of the pig.

Boogification said...

While we are at it, maybe it is time to get rid of the Islamobastards too. And who are you to say that a "pig free" ecosystem would not cause global warming, global cooling, global anything? Not ONE Muslim has sincerely asked ONE pig "Can't we all just get along?"

Anonymous said...

Actually, I meant that it might be okay for banks to get rid of the piggy BANK. Not to get rid of pigs. I love bacon.

I always laugh when people get all up in arms that something they thought of as quaint might now be going out of fashion. Are you the same as the people that freaked out at the invention of the automobile? Would you shake your fist in the air when a car drove by you on your horse and buggy?

Or how about racist, graphic icons that represent foods we ate/eat? Would you be upset if Uncle Ben was finally updated to a more modern logo, rather than an illustration of what looks to be a black servant?

Or, the fact that the Washington Redskins haven't changed their name yet? What a vulgar term. We all know where it stems from. Will you be upset when they finally are forced to pick such a non-racist name for their team?

Times and attitudes change. Thank god.

Boogification said...

"Or, the fact that the Washington Redskins haven't changed their name yet? What a vulgar term. We all know where it stems from. Will you be upset when they finally are forced to pick such a non-racist name for their team?"

Forced by what or by whom? The Redskin fans? Angry P.C. activists harassing the fans on gamedays? Or the government? Scenario one would be unlikely, given the fan loyalty to the team. P.C. nuts would most likely be given a court mandate to maintain a reasonable distance from the stadium in which they play. Scenario three. The government. I like your use of the term "forced". Government is unique in its legal ability to use force, even deadly force if it so decides, to accomplish its goals. Since the term "Redskin" does not apply to any particular American tribe, I would expect an ecumenical cabal of angry Indians would have solved this issue that brings such widespread angst among every American citizen. Since the stadium is public property, even though the team pays for the opportunity to play there (as included in ticket prices), I guess the city council could decide "Hey, Redskins! Change that nasty name or else!" What if the franchise decides to tell the D.C. city council to stuff it and moves to a more accomodating city? Empty stadium seats do not generate tax revenues to be squandered on this pet social program or that one.

As for the Uncle Ben character, how about if individuals decide for themselves that they no longer wish to support a company that uses such a "demeaning" stereotype, thereby hitting the company where it hurts - the bottom line. Or would you prefer to have government serve up a portion of regulation and fines to them?

Anonymous said...

Although you are making some points, I think you missed my point.

My point was that most all things change over time. Each generation of Americans either accept or reject the morals and values of the generation before it.

I was just picking general examples out of a hat to make my points. And if anything is "forced," I think it would start from a grassroot effort that over time, Americans would embrace. Such as what we're seeing the gays go through right now. They were closeted in the last generation... the gay Gen X'rs are out and proud... and gay Gen Y's will probably be able to get legally married in their lifetime.

BTW, there is a grass roots petition out there now to get rid of the Uncle Ben logo, because the current generation (I assume tail end of Boomers, most X'rs) think it's demeaning.

It's like that old bummper sticker: If the people lead, the leaders will eventually follow.