Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Respect my religion, or else.......

"We must respect the other fellow’s religion, but only in the sense and to the extent that we respect his theory that his wife is beautiful and his children smart." - H.L. Mencken

Well, despite the best efforts of myself and other conservatives, Obama still won Alabamastan. I tried, so that's that.

The Muslims have their collective turbans in a wad (like this is something new) over another perceived threat to all things Islam. This time they are raising Ghenna with Wikipedia over some artists' renditions of Mohammed that appear, surprise, under the definition of Mohammed. The camel turds take this very seriously, and have previously killed over a cartoon of their "prophet". Such a peaceful, serene and tolerant folk. To further what wonderful people they are, two sisters in Iran were found in public without their husbands, which in the minds of the imams, accounts to nothing less than adultery. They will be stoned to death for this egregious transgression against Allah. One of their husbands turned them in with video evidence! Where in the world is Amnesty International and N.O.W.? Oh, forgot, the current administration is actually doing something about these crazy bastards, it is a Republican administration, thus it is no longer fashionably "progressive" to have concerns about women's rights in the hell known as the Middle East. Silly me.

Wiki is defending its decision not to remove the images. Furthermore, for some odd reason, Wiki has to explain to these bloodthirsty numbskulls that it is a secular business endeavor, and not subject to Sharia law. There is no distinction between secular and sacred under Islam; it is as foreign a concept to them as peanut butter without peanuts would be to any westerner. They seem to have no allegiance to any particular nation, but total submission to Islam (which, by the way, literally translates as "submission"). Yet these people consider themselves to be the most advanced and sophisticated culture on the face of the earth - just ask one of them (right before he detonates his suicide bomb or decapitates you with a dull machete).

Never missing an opportunity to enrage a theocrat, or in this case a group of them, I posted the following at Wikipedia:

Well, shit! It was removed. Wiki is not as "tolerant" as I thought. Anyway, the jist of my post was essentially that the peace loving, serene religion of Islam would do far better than worrying over somebody posting pictures of Mohammed and focus on things such as abandoning the practice of wiping their asses with their bare hands and discovering the miracle of toilet paper, bathing more often, and using deoderant. Perhaps not P.C. enough for Wiki. Oh well.

Those who know me well are aware I pull no punches when it comes to theocracy of any flavor. Many evangelical "Christians" see no parallel between themselves and the Jihadis. There are obvious and glaring differences, mainly that evangelicals usually won't blow you up just because you think they are full of it (with the exception of Eric Robert Rudolph and his ilk), they seem to assimilate well with other cultures, and in general they smell a whole lot better than your garden variety Muslim. Very few of them kill their wives and daughters for frivolous accusations of "adultery." However, circa 1980, they hopped in bed with the GOP, giving the media carte blanche to paint ALL conservatives as a bunch of slack-jawed, speaking-in-tongues, snake-handling yayhoos. Even Rush Limbaugh speaks with disdain for the "Country Club Republican" as though they are some useless relic of the past (useless, with exception to their campaign donations that is). Point is that a certain group of the evangelicals are no different than the Jihadis in the aspect that both seek to have their religion codified into law.

Technically speaking, I am a baptized and confirmed Episcopalian ("fag church" according to learned evangelicals and pentecostals - therefore non-Christian de facto), but I consider myself more "spiritual" than "religious". I have no interest whatsoever in weaving my faith with government, and I sure as hell don't want government barging in on my faith. I consider one of the most unique concepts in the world at the time is our constitutional distinction between religion and state. So important was this idea that it is in the very first amendment to perhaps the greatest document in the world. This was pretty radical stuff in the 18th century. But just like anything else, it has two sides to it. While it asserts that we all have the freedom to worship as we please without interference from the state, it also means that regardless of what marvelous or malevolent intentions we may have, we cannot cram our spiritual beliefs down other people's throats by force of the law.

Now, to my evangelical friends (yes, I have evangelical friends, and an evangelical aunt whom I love and respect dearly), I am not painting you all as a bunch of clinic bombing, snake handling mongoloids. One of the most recognized and accomplished evangelicals, Pat Robertson, can see the forest through the trees. Rudy Giulliani and Robertson could not be further apart on domestic and social issues, but had common ground on perhaps the greatest threat this country has faced: Radical Islam. So concerned about this, Robertson decided to support Rudy for the 2008 race. He is an intelligent, rational man with the ability to place things in matters of priority. Sadly, Rudy is out of the race (thus no visit to Terhan by a bunch of goombas to let Achmadinnersalad know we are serious about his atomic toys, and to prove it, cut off his right thumb and leave a sheep's head in his boudoir).

Anyway, I can't spend all day doing this. The puppy (Cato - a 4 month old Bichon named for Inspector Cleuseau's Asian houseboy) needs to go to the groomer, I need more coffee, and I have to go to work.

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