Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Republica del Norte

"The Democratic Party looks at massive immigration, legal and illegal, as a source of voters. The Republican Party looks at massive immigration, legal and illegal, as a source of cheap labor, satisfying a very important constituency." - Tom Tancredo

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Now clean up whatever you barfed.

Neal Boortz and others have picked up on this today. We are in for some, as the Democrat candidates love to say, "change". I am not sure if it will be to our benefit or demise as a society and as a nation.

To be fair, we are a nation of immigrants. Even "Native-Americans" (Injuns) are descendents of immigrants that crossed the Siberia-Alaskan land bridge millions of years ago. So far, there is nothing in the fossil record that indicates that homo sapiens appeared in the western hemisphere out of nowhere. The best theory at this point is that we originated somewhere in Africa. Things got crowded, and the more curious among us packed up our stuff and headed out eventually to six of seven continents (actually all seven, since there is a cozy international, scientific research camp in Anarctica).

I am not a racist, but equally offensive to the P.C. leftists, I am a culturalist. The particular culture I consider superior is that of the West. For this I make absolutely no apologies. Were it not for the great minds in Europe and North America and the scientific discoveries applied to technological innovation, the world would be far less advanced than it is today. Some Luddites may argue that this is exactly why we are in the current quandry of the times. However, it is beyond argument, perhaps axiomatic that the more technologically advanced the culture, the greater the amount of immigration. You don't see a whole lot of people packing their bags and going to the opulence of the Middle East, most of Africa or the Balkans. A technologically advanced society avails, among other things, jobs. Furthermore, it offers a better lifestyle and standard of living. I don't blame people for wanting to emmigrate to the West - I see it as admiration for what we have accomplished.

However, culturalist that I am, in North America and Western Europe, the bulk of the immigrants have no desire to assimilate with the indigenous societies. In Europe, the aim is to outright take over the current culture and replace it with Islamic barbarism. European governments are not only ignoring this serious problem, they are doing everything possible to kiss Muslim ass. Even the crazy Archbishop of the Anglican Church is on the side of the camel turds.

While "Eurabia" has it's own problems to deal with, Mexico is invading the United States. We are not getting Mexican scientists, physicians, professors and entrepreneurs - we are getting uneducated and unskilled people who are draining the already miserable failures of our welfare state and LBJ's "great society". If the projections in the articles above are correct, the economic ramifications of this will prove unbearable. Now the Bush administration wants to give $1.3 billion to Mexico and Central America? What!?

Any sane and rational administration would use OUR money to build the fence across our southern border and beef up our border patrol. I have no idea what the ill-defined role of the Immigration and Naturalization Service is anymore, nor the justification for their multi-billion dollar budget.

I will be 81 years old by the time these predictions, if accurate, come to reality. If this crystal ball bears any merit, I hope my ashes will have long been thrown to the winds.

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